Perfect Defence

Perfect Defence Transforms Glass Into a Formidable Transparent Barrier

Two thirds of all break-ins are through glass and within a matter of minutes thieves can steal thousands of dollars in equipment and inventory. Without changing the appearance of the premises, Perfect Defence has been successful in delaying and deterring thieves, leaving them empty handed and increasing the chance of capture and arrest.

Where a visual deterrent is required, Perfect Defence specializes in the design and installation of custom grilles, folding gates, shutters and enclosures designed to last and compliment the look of your building.

Our Mission

We are a knowledge based organization using our skills and experience to provide a wide range of physical security barriers that deter and delay thieves. We strive to exceed our customers expectations through insistence on quality and exacting attention to detail.


A premise is 12 times more likely to suffer a repeat breakin attempt within a month of the first event.

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Our Reputation

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